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Press Release

TÜV Rheinland confirms the high quality of Sunways Solar Modules

Konstanz/Germany, 22/12/2011

  • New certificates document module suitability for installation even in harsh environments
  • Salt mist and ammonia resistance as well as load tests successfully completed
  • Output guarantee and durability reconfirmed

Sunways Solar Modules not only guarantee the highest yields, but also withstand extreme environmental conditions. This is confirmed by further TÜV Rheinland certificates. Sunways Eco-Line Solar Modules have successfully completed corrosion (salt mist and ammonia resistance) as well as extended load tests. As such, Sunways AG has once again demonstrated its high standard of product quality.


Sunways Solar Modules ideal for coastal regions
In independent quality testing carried out by TÜV Rheinland, all of the Sunways Eco-Line Solar Modules successfully completed the Salt Mist Corrosion Test in accordance with IEC 61701 Ed. 2, thereby confirming their resistance to salt-laden air and moisture. As such, these solar modules are eminently suitable for use in adverse weather conditions such as those found in coastal regions, on islands or in installations on ships and offshore drilling rigs.


Sunways Solar Modules excellent for agricultural applications
Solar modules are also exposed to extreme environmental conditions when installed on agricultural buildings, particularly where farms operate animal husbandry. Not only do they have to be corrosion-resistant at high humidity levels, performance stability must also remain unaffected by high levels of ammonia in the air. Sunways Eco-Line Solar Modules have successfully completed the Ammonia Stress Test in accordance with IEC 62716 Ed.1 developed by TÜV Rheinland and have been awarded the 'Ammonia Resistance Tested' certificate. Using a significantly more stringent test procedure than previously applied, the respective test results confirm the high quality of Sunways Solar Modules, which guarantees the highest yields even in extreme application conditions.


Sunways Solar Modules reliable and safe in alpine regions
Sunways Solar Modules also offer excellent product quality and safety for applications in mountainous regions and in winter, where extreme pressure loading as a result of snow, ice and wind pressure is possible. These attributes have been confirmed by a further TÜV Rheinland certificate. In the Extended Mechanical Load Test in accordance with IEC 61215 Ed. 2, which simulates wind and snow loading, Sunways Eco-Line Solar Modules were subjected to a mechanical load of up to 5400 Pascal. The modules withstood this tension and suction load of around 880 kilograms per module without any mechanical damage or loss of power.



Salt Mist Corrosion Test
Testing at TÜV Rheinland at severity level 6 – the highest stress level for solar modules – took 56 days. During this period, the solar modules were exposed to a 5-percent sodium chloride solution. One test cycle extended over seven days – comprising four salt spray phases of two hours at 35 degrees Celsius and 93 percent humidity, whereby each phase was followed by damp storage of the module at 40 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of again 93 percent. The four spray phases and damp storage periods were then followed by an additional storage period of three further days under normal climatic conditions. (Source:


Ammonia Corrosion Test
The stress test in accordance with IEC 62716 Ed.1 developed by TÜV Rheinland is significantly more stringent than previously applied test procedures. In a 20-day testing cycle, the solar modules were exposed to extreme loads of 6,667 ppm of ammonia. This occurred in environments alternating between 40 degrees Celsius with 100 percent relative humidity and 23 degrees Celsius with 75 percent relative humidity. (Source:


Mechanical Load Test
In the standard mechanical load test in accordance with IEC 61215 Ed. 2, the solar modules were subjected to three cycles of successive uniform tension and pressure loads of 2400 Pascal, with each cycle lasting 1 hour. During the extended mechanical load test, the pressure load was increased from 2400 Pascal to 5400 Pascal in the last test cycle.


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