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“Zero Energy Media Wall“, Beijing, China: From power plant to work of art.

“Zero Energy Media Wall“, Beijing, China: From power plant to work of art.

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When the sun goes down and night falls on Beijing, people passing the Xicui Entertainment Complex are treated to a fascinating spectacle. The glass façade concealing powerful solar modules transforms into a sustainable digital work of art. Power for the flashing LEDs is provided exclusively by the photovoltaic system, which turns solar energy into electricity during the day. The “Zero Energy Media Wall” was developed in cooperation with Sunways, whose transparent solar cells form the basis of this sensational concept.

Technology leader Sunways provided valuable consulting and planning support in the run up to the project and later on site. The company is over the moon: the 1,800-m²-plus media wall is an impressive example of innovative, building-integrated photovoltaics. As is the case with the media technology and IT, the solar technology is also completely integrated into the architecture. By way of sensors, users inside the building are able to illuminate and control what is probably the largest LED display in the world.

Innovative photovoltaics with Sunways: the 2,292 specially made, transparent “mosaic-design” solar modules are illuminated from the back by LEDs and bring the media wall to life.



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  • "Green Pix" zero energy media wall
  • Approx. 2,300 special "mosaic design" solar modules with mulitcrystalline solar cells in a variety of density layouts
  • Glass-glass solar modules with panel holders

Project data

  • Opened: June 2008
  • Developer: Jingya Corporation
  • Architect: Simone Giostra & Partners and Arup and other planning participants

Sunways products

  • Planning support and consulting, also on site (PV system, module construction, module mounting, cell concept)
  • Model construction with a variety of cell layouts

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