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Sunways Production GmbH, Arnstadt, Germany

Since September 2005, the wholly-owned Sunways subsidiary Sunways Production GmbH has produced high-quality, high-efficiency solar cells in Arnstadt, Germany:


  • The investment volume was € 49 million in total.
  • In two expansion steps (2005 and 2008), 138 permanent jobs were created (as of 31 December 2008).
  • The Arnstadt plant operates extremely ecologically with state-of-the-art environmental technologies, e.g. in water treatment. 

According to the motto "live values - assume responsibility", Sunways Production GmbH introduced an occupational protection management system and received the award of the "Institut für Arbeits- und Sozialhygiene Stiftung (IAS) - Institute for Occupational and Social Hygiene" in November 2007.


Sunways Production GmbH
August-Broemel-Straße 8
D - 99310 Arnstadt
Telephone: +49 (0)3628 66 36 622
Fax: +49 (0)3628 66 36 880

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